Confirmation Of Booking Form


It contains important information regarding your move!

ESTIMATED COSTS: Though we make every attempt to provide as accurate an estimate as possible with the information provided to us, please remember that final charges will be based on the hours taken to perform the move and the actual services provided. If you have any supplemental information, additions, deletions, etc., please advise us as soon as possible. If you have withheld information or forgotten to include additional items that will be moved please contact us immediately as the size of the truck and crew is determined by the amount of items being moved.

FACTORS: On average a typical move takes approximately 1 hour per room to complete. (½ hour to load and ½ hour to unload) Factors such as; access, crew size or even weather can affect the time required to complete the move. As the customer, you will also have a great impact on the time required and subsequently the final cost of the move. The better packed, organized and prepared a move is, the faster it will be completed. Our crews have the tools and equipment to handle most situations and, at your request, we will gladly take apart or put together furniture or rearrange items in a room. Some situations that may require additional time taken include long carry from residence to the truck, if we cannot safely park within 75 ft of your home, if there are more than 8 steps leading up to your home or apartment, if there is an elevator or if there are any other obstructions to hamper loading or delivery this WILL affect the time. If you are aware of any possible access issues it is important to advise our office as soon as possible so that the proper equipment and crew can be dispatched.

If special parking permits are required, it will be your responsibility to obtain them. If an elevator is required to be booked in order to place on service, it is your responsibility to book it.

DEPOSIT/ CANCELLATION: A deposit may have been received to secure your move. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. If a date change for your move is requested, we will attempt but cannot guarantee accommodation. If we cannot accommodate the new date, or the new date is not established by 1 year from the old date, the deposit will be forfeited. If the new date is 6 months or more past the old date, the move cost will be reviewed and recalculated at and subject to the then prevailing rates and policies.

MILEAGE: Mileage is calculated by distance, current fuel pricing, size of truck and number of crew members traveling. Your mileage cost provided to you in your confirmation covers all the traveling for your truck and crew. Fuel surcharge is subject to change without notice. If a mileage charge is not applied, time is calculated from the time the crew leaves our yard until their return. In the event that a second “trip” or additional equipment, trucks or labour is required to complete the move, the hourly rate and mileage will increase.

CONTACT: Please ensure that origin and delivery addresses are correct and that we have a correct contact phone number for you at both your origin and destination.


The coverage selected by you the day of your move will determine the amount your items are covered for in the event of a total loss, or damage. Please ask your supervisor any questions you may have regarding any transit protection option available.

The 3 different levels of transit protection are outlined them below in detail, it is your (the customer) decision as to whether you would like select a coverage from us or through a third party insurance company. If you chose to have insurance elsewhere, Northumberland County Moving can provide you with Released Liability only.

  1. Basic Coverage: Provides a maximum coverage of (60) sixty cents per pound per article towards the cost of repair or replacement. *There is NO ADDITIONAL COST for this coverage.
  2. Market Value Coverage: Provides a maximum coverage of (5.00) five dollars per pound per article towards the cost of repair or replacement. *an additional charge of $15.00/hour applies for this coverage.
  3. Premium Value Coverage: Provides a maximum coverage of (10.00) ten dollars per pound per article towards the cost of repair or replacement. *an additional charge of $20.00/hour applies for this coverage.


  • Contents of cartons, bags, dressers, suitcases, etc. that are not packed at origin and unpacked at destination by the carrier at time delivery
  • Items of extra ordinary value that are not indicated on the inventory of Bill of Lading prior to loading. Additional charges will apply for coverage.
  • Fragile items that are not properly packed and prepared for shipping by owner such as, but not limited to, GLASS, MARBLE,LAMPS,SHADES etc.
  • Press-board or particle board furniture. In particular, “self assembled”
  • items that have pre-existing damages or previous repairs
  • The internal workings of such items, but not limited to, computers, televisions, stereos, microwaves, grandfather clocks, musical instruments.

INVENTORY: At the time of loading, the driver will ask if you would like to have your goods inventoried. The hourly rate applies to inventory your items . This inventory serves many purposes. The most important of which is to specifically track your goods on the truck and if they are entering our storage facility. Your goods will be the only shipment on the truck with the corresponding colour and code.

You are required to “check-off” the inventory when it is delivered to ensure that no items are left undelivered. This is an important process and will require your full time attention during delivery. If you are unable to devote your time to this process, appoint a responsible person to take over this task for you. You will be asked to sign-off on the inventories once the delivery has been completed. In doing so, you are signing that all goods have been delivered in apparent good order.

If you come across any damages at the time of delivery, they should be noted on the inventory. Recording the inventory number of the damaged piece can also be helpful in quickly settling a claim.

PAYMENT: Unless otherwise arranged in writing with the accounting manager, payment is due in full upon completion of the job. A personal cheque is the preferred method of payment. Cash and Email Money Transfer. Visa, MasterCard is accepted as well for purchases under $1000, if your total cost exceeds $1000 and you wish to pay by credit card there will be an additional 3% administration fee added when office processes the payment.
If the driver requests any other form of payment please notify our office immediately.

DISCREPANCIES/CLAIMS:In the event of damage, loss or discrepancies, please make your supervisor aware immediately, or contact our office. Any claims for damages or lost items will not be assessed if your move is not paid in full. You, the customer cannot withhold payment due to any claims, or discrepancies.

STORAGE: If your goods are being delivered to our climate controlled storage facility, payment for the move is required when loading from residence has been completed, prior to arrival to storage. We require a credit card on file for storage payments or post dated cheques.

Access to your items once loaded into our facility is not permitted unless otherwise arranged. Please note*access appointment may take up to 14 days depending on availability. Warehouse access is $35.00/hr per man.

Storage costs are based upon the size of unit you occupy. The unit will be pre determined based on your estimate, but final charges are calculated on actual space used. Payment for storage is due the 1st of each month. Storage costs are pro rated from the date of arrival and departure unless the preceding exclusion applies. A full month charge applies for shipments leaving the 15th of each month or after. A one month minimum applies to all storage.

We ask that you provide our office with a credit card number to keep on file and deduct storage costs each month.

Northumberland County Moving Company can help you find an appropriate self storage facility aside from our private facility but final booking and payment for storage is your own responsibility.

We appreciate that moving can be a very stressful process. We go to great lengths to be open and transparent with the services and subsequent charges you can expect throughout your move. However, if there is anything at all that you are questioning or are unclear about please don’t hesitate to call us directly and we will do our very best to answer all of your concerns.

Thank you again for your business. Have a great move!

Steve Davey
Northumberland County Moving Company
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Port Hope, ON
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